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Sometimes we need a little more Jesus because slapping people is often frowned upon. Let's just be honest. Many Christians don't always act like true Christians. Our behavior does 'this', our words say 'that', and we end up being a 'not so great' representative of who God has called us to be. 

Things I Wish I Could Do . . . But I'm Christian is a book with a lighthearted approach to help Christians become more cautious of how our daily actions have an effect on unbelievers and even other Christians. Everyone can relate to the rhyming stories, illustrations, and draw from the wisdom of the corresponding scriptures given. 

So even though we sometimes WISH and desire to say and do things that may misrepresent Christ, after reading this book, the hope is that you'll start to say to yourself:

“I wish I could . . .

I contemplate, 
Consider giving myself permission.
I would do it, I could do it,
And I just might make this decision . . .

But I’m a Christian.”

Things I Wish I Could Do . . . But I'm a Christian

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